2015 Brand New Brand Winner: EcoSpaces

Our judges had a tough job selecting our first ever recipient of our Brand New Brand award, considering the wide range of impressive organizations who applied. And the winner is… EcoSpaces, an educational program working with about 400 K-8 students in Newark, NJ. 

EcoSpaces Education Identity and Website Launches

The new EcoSpaces Education brand launched in February of 2016, the product of months of collaboration between IOP, our partners and EcoSpaces. The fresh logo and tagline capture the mission and spirit of the organization. And, the new visual identity is applied across communications tools, from PowerPoint and Word templates, to postcards and tote bags, to their new robust website we […]

Progress: Logo and Website

We were happy to have EcoSpaces leadership in the office. They came to review logo options, and weigh in on initial information architecture for the website.

IOP Visits EcoSpaces

EcoSpaces is taking a holistic approach to developing healthy relationships between children, family and food. To get the IOP team up to speed, we took a field trip to visit Phillips Academy to learn and see the EcoSpaces program in action. Building on the success of the current program, it will be expanded to other schools, with the goal of […]

Our 2015-2016 Judges and Process

We enrolled the help of expert judges. Judging happened in two rounds. First, the IOP experts and our partners made an initial selection of semi-finalists. We ensured the semi-finalists met all of the criteria for a successful partnership and agree to basic terms (i.e., be able to participate in the workshop, attend presentation sessions and be able to […]