Emma Healey

Office Manager

Accounting, finance,  people and operations manager extraordinaire, Emma is also our all-around enhancer of IOP office life. We suspect her of some kind of wizardry that allows her to keep the office running with both efficiency and entertaining humor — and that enables her to find lost bathroom keys with bounty hunter proficiency.

Super-organized and an expert in small business back-end management, Emma has garnered praise from clients for her being able to anticipate and respond to any administrative challenge. She is also the reigning office Jenga champion. 

Emma grew up mostly in Baltimore before getting her B.A. from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania. New York is the fifth “colony” that she has inhabited and though she enjoys the 24-hour buzz of the city, she misses space and those crabs fresh out of the Chesapeake.

Emma's housewarming plant from her mom — it took three years for this daylily to bloom in NYC, but now it's thriving.