James Kwak


James stays sharp at the intersection of design and technology and considers himself a professional command + z-er — happy to experiment because he can get rid of the “not there yet” iterations with the push of buttons. He’s versatile and award winning, working in digital, branding and print, with a special  place in his heart for motion.

James’s creative process extends to photography as well as graphic design — something that’s demonstrated on his Instagram account. He loves the app for both expressing his creative voice and for connecting with others — and he’s got 25k+.

Though James drew (and created his own typography) from early on, he didn’t know that graphic design was a job until his high school art teacher told him. From suburban Philadelphia, he is an honors graduate of University of the Arts where his distinctions included the Ken and Eleanor Hiebert Award for Excellence in Graphic Design.

James believes photography brings a lot to the world of design.