Jonathan Alland

Project Coordinator

Jonathan brings a deep, digitally native perspective to his projects, helping to identify functional requirements and UX challenges while managing implementation and QA. His unique skill set enables him to look past the obvious for unique connections and holistic approaches to move the work forward. Thriving on tasks as diverse as information architecture to optimizing video, accessibility testing to quality assurance, he’s always happy to lend a hand to a colleague.

Though drawn to computers and programming, Jonathan discovered pretty early that writing code for more than a few hours at a time wasn’t what he wanted to do. Instead, he developed his own interdisciplinary major at Skidmore College — Human Computer Interaction, which combined business, graphic design, psychology and computer science — and focused on UX and testing. His degree and course of study have informed his contributions at IOP in many ways.

Each year for a fun change of pace, and out of his generosity of spirit, Jonathan uses vacation time to mentor kids at an academic summer camp.

Jonathan hones his quick reflexes on his Game Boy Micro.