Strategy: What is the Kids In Crisis “North Star”?

Kids In Crisis was seeking to broaden its message and expand it’s reach to children, families and communities. Top of mind goals were to increase awareness, easier accessibility and share knowledge of the critical resources and services they provide.

Kids In Crisis (KIC) needed a clearly defined North Star—something to help guide decisions and allocate resources.

Building on our learnings and research, we realized the strategy was in plain sight and developed a new brand platform:

  • KIDS: The primary focus is those who keep kids, children and teens safe.
  • IN: They are in the moment, taking action in the moment of need.
  • CRISIS: They deal with the most serious issues needing immediate intervention.

We helped the team focus on their sense of urgency and three primary issues:

  1. Family conflict and abuse
  2. Mental health
  3. Bullying

Although KIC deals with many situations, these three represented the bulk of their focus.

KIC was thrilled (as we were) to have their essence articulated in a fresh and succinct manner.