2014 Responsibility Reporting Snapshot

Note: Online reports are defined as interactive HTML versions, not a posted PDF or a PDF inside ‘reader’ software.

Responsibility reporting is considered vitally important to a majority of today’s leading companies. 108 of the Fortune 200 created reports, five more produced integrated reports.

Although the language is in flux—sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate citizenship, or environmental, social and governance (ESG)—whatever you call it, it is growing in importance. And, there is a spectrum of approaches. With no firm rules, each company is free to make its own way.

And, it isn’t only for the corporate giants. According to the G&A Institute 72% of the S&P 500 published a Responsibility Report in 2013, up from 20% in 2011. And, they expect this growth to continue as leading companies focus on their supply chain. No matter how you slice it, it’s clear: responsibility reporting has arrived.

Where does your company sit in this context?