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Telling a Credible ESG Story

When you do what you said you'd do, and communicate it well, you have your credible ESG story.

Stop AAPI Hate

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage month. As we celebrate, the AAPI communities are also grappling with unspeakable hate crimes that continue to escalate daily. In NYC alone, AAPI hate crimes are up 45%. 150% across the country. Our most vulnerable have been subject to brutal attacks that come out of nowhere because of fear, misinformation and racist rhetoric. […]

Get More ROI From Your Corporate Website

Your corporate website should build your reputation, your business and value for your company. Are you making the most of the opportunity?

Why it’s time for a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report

You may be surprised to find you have rich Diversity, Equity & Inclusion content already, it just needs crafting into a cohesive story.

How to Break Through: Reaching Key Sustainability Audiences

What's their interest level? How do they consume information? It’s possible to design your communications for maximum effect.

IOP at Twenty

What a 20 years it has been! It hasn’t been a predictable ride, but it has never been boring.

6 Strategies for Effective Sustainability Communications

Whether you’re looking to engage employees, create a sustainability report or level-up ESG/CSR efforts — these strategies will help to avoid common pitfalls.

Web Accessibility Matters to Everyone

Prioritizing digital accessibility—equal access—has never been more important, and it benefits everyone.

Our Purpose is Stronger Than Ever

We believe everyone deserves to be treated fairly and equally, with respect and with dignity.

Explain “Why” on your Website

The job of your website is changing. Companies must explain their "Why": their purpose and commitments.

How We Approach Web Development

IOP is driven by strategy, information architecture, visual design and user experience. We consult with clients on the best approach to the web development.

Why WordPress?

Why WordPress when we are focused on custom sites? 8 reasons why the answer is often WordPress, vs. Drupal or other CMS platforms.

A Roadmap for Your First CSR or Sustainability Report

In this uncertain time, what your company is doing and how you communicate with stakeholders are top priorities. If you aren't yet creating a sustainability or CSR communication, it's a great time to get started.

Demystifying the Branding Process

Demystify the branding process for companies considering – and perhaps feeling daunted by the idea of – a rebrand.

The Soul of Your Report: Performance or Purpose?

What's best practice? Performance is the data, numbers and results. Purpose is the why, the narrative and long-term view. Here’s why your Sustainability, ESG, CSR, or Financial report needs to present both effectively.

3 Building Blocks to Optimize Your Website

What are the characteristics of a good website? Beautiful and easy to use… should be everyone’s goal.

Ideas On Purpose is now a certified diverse business.

We are proud to announce that we are officially certified as an LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE®) through the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) Supplier Diversity Initiative.

So Many Reporting Frameworks, So Little Time! 2019 GRI, IIRC, SASB

Reporting season is kicking into high gear. Confused about frameworks? How best to approach your report? Here's an overview, with infographic for quick reference.

Whitepaper: 2019 Trends in Corporate Reporting

With a brighter spotlight on corporate purpose and creating value for employees, communities and investors — the demand for accountability is growing. A CSR/Sustainability Report is now the norm. But, what’s in one? And, does anyone do an Annual Report?

12 Strategies to Get People Reading your CSR or Sustainability Report

Your CSR or Sustainability Report is the result of a lot of time, effort and money. These tested strategies will each increase engagement.

19 Years of Ideas, on Purpose

Nineteen years ago purpose held many meanings for us, but intention was foremost.

Make Your Website Move Without Overwhelming Time and Budget

Our eyes are naturally drawn to anything that moves. Animations in just the right places, we can make web pages feel more fluid, dynamic, and modern.

The Importance of Branding for NGOs and Foundations

Branding is as important for a nonprofit as it is for a for-profit. Learn how branding saves resources and get insights on brand-building.

Who Really Cares About Your Sustainability Report? And Why?

Today it is a best practice for companies of all sizes to be proactive, and transparent. Learn why. (Updated July 2019)

4 Reasons Why Annual Reports Still Matter

We've been hearing about the imminent demise of the annual report for over 25 years. Funny thing is it's not dying — just evolving. (Updated)

What your corporate website needs.

Corporate site visitors are not coming frequently, so when they do they need to easily find what they need. Use your website to explain who you are, what you do and why you do it. What's missing from yours?

2018 Trends in Corporate Reporting White Paper

Is a Responsibility or Sustainability Report a must have? Do companies still do Annual Reports? Should you consider a digital version? What about video?

The 5 Essentials of Visual Branding

The essential aspects of visual brand identity are a brand mark, color, typeface, graphics and imagery. Here’s what you need to know.

Brand vs. Branding?

What is a brand? How is it different from the process of branding? We’ve worked with a lot of brands here at Ideas On Purpose — here’s a good overview of the difference.

3 Strategies to Up Your CSR Game

People not only hope that companies will “do what’s right,” they expect it. Communicating a clear, accessible Corporate Social Responsibility strategy can revitalize your company and your brand from the inside out.

5 Rules for Message Clarity

Simple, powerful ideas differentiate you, sell products and reinforce your brand. So how do you achieve clarity?

6 Tips for Promoting Your Online Annual or Responsibility Report

You’ve decided to create an online report. Great! But how will you get people to experience it? The web doesn’t work like print, you have to drive your audiences to your site. In other words, you need to market your site. And it's best to make your plan before the launch. The following tips are simple and each will increase traffic. (Updated May 2017)

Rebranding Insights: An Interview With Shari Shapiro of Kids In Crisis

A client’s perspective on the rebranding process and its real-world impact.

How to Ensure Brand Success — From the Inside Out

Once the exclusive domain of the C-suite, internal branding — a state in which employees fully grasp and live by a business’s values — is now a critical component at every level of a company.

5 Practical Reasons to Create a Digital Annual or Responsibility Report

These stakeholder communications serve defined audiences, but resonate far beyond those audiences if well strategized and promoted.

7 Qualities of a Great Website

When it comes to your website, “good” isn’t good enough. To break through, engage users, make them customers & brand ambassadors you need a great website.

A Better Corporate Website?

Your corporate website exists for one reason: to engage people who count in an essential conversation about why your company matters. Are you audience-centric? Or just talking to yourself?

Why invest in your brand?

Outdated branding, inconsistently applied, is confusing people. Invest in your brand, it pays dividends with all your key audiences. Here's how.

The Impact of Brand Building: An Interview with EcoSpaces’ Frank Mentesana

Branding is a fundamental need for every organization. It's the foundation for your distinctiveness and a platform to better communicate your mission and reach more people.

5 Ideas for Engaging Employees in Sustainability

Communicating your sustainability message to employees, so that they understand the greater purpose, can be a challenge. Here are a 5 ideas you can put into action.

Is your corporate website effective? An assessment framework.

How do you know when it's time to redo your corporate website? The corporate site is not usually part of your day to day thinking—it is there, supporting your communications, branding, PR and social media efforts, but is it working hard enough?

SmartCEO Magazine Honors Women Leaders: Q&A With IOP Co-Founder Michelle Marks

IOP co-founder and principal Michelle Marks weighs in on the skills, savvy and sheer perseverance that helped her bring the company to life in this insightful Q&A.

Taking Sustainability Reporting to a New Level

Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, there is room for improvement. See what you can do now to improve your report.

Video in Corporate Communications and Investor Relations

Opportunities, examples and practical tips for success. Initially presented at the Citi Depositary Receipt Services IR Academy in New York City.

Three Approaches to Digital Reporting

When you have decided to create a digital version of your annual or responsibility report there are many options.

Getting Your CSR Report Off the Ground

The conversation around sustainability and CSR reporting has evolved. At the Ceres conference the dialogue was more nuanced and less definitional. Corporations and investors are weighing future possibilities, risks and rewards.

When is it time to refresh your brand?

How can you make sure people think of your orgnization first? Do you have a simple, engaging story that is reinforced by the current brand expression? Are your materials stale or inconsistent—or have you seen their virtual twin from competitors? Here are a few questions to help determine if the time is right to refresh your brand.

Whitepaper: 2016 Trends in Corporate Reports

Our sixth annual trend report looks at what the Fortune 200 produced this year. It shows how companies of influence are shaping the evolution of corporate reporting.

Whitepaper: Trends in Corporate Reporting 2015

Our fifth annual trend report is full of useful information as you evaluate options for annual financial and responsibility reports. The 2015 report is infographic rich and a quick read.

Whitepaper: Trends in Corporate Reporting 2014

See the latest reporting trends among Fortune 200 and leading companies. In our fourth installment, many trends are at play, some of them seemingly contradictory. New media, new rules, diverse solutions, but still the familiar challenge of how best to communicate the vision and value of your organization.

2014 Responsibility Reporting Snapshot

Where does your company fit in? [Infographic]

Responsibility reporting is considered vitally important to a majority of today’s leading companies. 108 of the Fortune 200 created reports, five more produced integrated reports.

Whitepaper: Trends in Corporate Reporting 2013

See the latest reporting trends among Fortune 200 and other leading companies. Read this important paper to get the answers you need — and uncover market opportunities to be exploited.

2013 Responsibility Reporting Snapshot

Where does your company fit in? [Infographic]

Responsibility reporting is considered vitally important to a majority of today’s leading companies. 52 of the Fortune 100 created reports, three produced integrated reports.

The State of Sustainability Reporting

The 2012 Ceres conference highlighted the evolving practice of sustainability reporting and its relationship to financial reporting. With major resources dedicated to financial controls and reporting, sustainability reporting is still a lesser focus. But, signs point to changing expectations and a coming shift. Here are some clear takeaways.

Whitepaper: Trends in Corporate Reporting 2012

Download our 2012 trends white paper for insights as you begin your annual report, responsibility report or integrated report. See the latest reporting trends among Fortune 200 and other leading companies.

AR & CSR: On A Collision Course?

Many companies have come to realize it is no longer optional to address sustainability and corporate social responsibility. There is a lot of buzz about integrated reporting, but without a consensus on reporting standards you may be asking, should I produce one document, or two?

Whitepaper: Trends in Corporate Reporting 2011

A review of Fortune 200 and other leading companies reveals distinct trends in corporate reporting. The move online is accelerating. Print remains vital, albeit in smaller runs. More companies are issuing responsibility reports. And, integrated reporting has taken a step forward with a number of industry leaders.

Educational Webinar: Trends in Corporate Reporting

This event featured a look at trends in corporate reporting for 2010 with a special focus on integrated reporting, featuring senior executives from Pfizer sharing their experience.