5 Practical Reasons to Create a Digital Annual or Responsibility Report

Why are companies investing in digital Annual and Responsibility Reports? These stakeholder communications serve defined audiences, but resonate far beyond those audiences if well strategized and promoted.

Key reasons:

  1. Online content is sharable and repurpose-able in ways that PDFs and print pieces are not.
  2. Tell your story in multiple channels to engage audiences in the way they prefer.
  3. A discrete online report is very effective for connecting with investors, recruits, employees, business partners — all stakeholders — in a way that compels interest and action.
  4. Video use is growing to further engage viewers and take full advantage of the web.
  5. There are options. Digital reports are often complemented with print and PDF to drive traffic and meet varied audience needs.

Adding a digital report to the communications mix can improve transparency, increase brand awareness and give you content to use and promote all year.

Some examples:

Navigators Group 2016 Annual Report  expanded online Annual Review showcases the company’s accomplishments and contains two original videos in an immersive digital experience.

United Technologies 2016 Annual Report is a responsive website with an original CEO video, business unit features and company highlights. The digital report expands on the print version, pulling curated content from the corporate site.

Hubbell 2016 Annual Report is a simple, sophisticated, and engaging digital report that uses the web to reinforce the story and shift perception of this established industrial company. And, it is supported with print as well.

What’s next?

IOP partners with clients to strategize, create and promote digital and print reports. For nearly 20 years we have advised all types of companies, Fortune 100s to IPOs. Feel free to call or email with any questions. We’re happy to talk about your situation and how you can make the most of your web efforts.