2013 Responsibility Reporting Snapshot



Responsibility reporting is considered vitally important to a majority of today’s leading companies. 52 of the Fortune 100 created reports, three produced integrated reports.

It may be framed in different ways—as sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate citizenship, or environmental, social and governance (ESG)—but, whatever you call it, it is growing in importance. And, it isn’t only for the giants. According to the IIRC, 76% of the S&P 500 do some Responsibility Reporting (Integrated Financial and Sustainability Reporting in the U.S., April 2013). No matter how you slice it, it’s clear: responsibility reporting has arrived.

Where does your company sit in this context?

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IOP Recognition

League of American Communications Professionals awards IOP Platinum: Top AR Agency of the Year in the Americas, our third consecutive year.

IOP print and online work garners major honors in the 2013 ARC Awards, American Web Design Awards, Vision Awards, and more.

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