When is it time to refresh your brand?

How can you make sure people think of your organization first? Do you have a simple, engaging story that is reinforced by the current brand expression? Are your materials stale or inconsistent — or have you seen their virtual twin from your competitors?

There are many questions to ask when considering a brand refresh project. Here are a few questions to ask to help determine if the time is right:

1. Any changes or potential misunderstandings?

If there has been a change — merger, acquisition, reorganization, new leadership, new offerings or even a refocusing — it is a good idea to assess and reassert your brand. Changes can lead to misperceptions and confusion, however, a time of transition is also an opportunity to steer the conversation.

2. Are you unique and recognizable?

Do you stand apart from your competitors? Is there a consistent look and feel throughout your customers’ and stakeholders’ experience? Is your online presence inviting and engaging, and related to all other materials?

3. Is your brand story still relevant?

If you haven’t looked at your communications approach in a number of years, chances are you are using outdated materials and messages. Even stalwarts like Ford and GE have refreshed their brands throughout the years to keep them vital and relevant.

4. Who’s listening?

Have your audiences changed? Today, whether you are a B2B or a consumer company, you are talking to a diverse and evolving array of stakeholders, partners, regulators and customers interested in what your company has to say and how you say it. Is your story clear? Is it understood and easily repeatable, by employees and customers?

Innovate. Grow. Evolve.

Today’s fast-paced business environment is full of changes, some planned and others more surprising. If something has changed but your audience hasn’t noticed, and your story is no longer complete or accurate, no longer resonating… it’s time. But, don’t change just for change’s sake. Be strategic. Investment in the company brand should help advance business strategy, and the decision to refresh or redesign can be a useful tool in communicating your value.

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