IOP Announces the 4th Cycle of Brand New Brand!

January 25, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we are accepting applications for our pro bono initiative, Brand New Brand!, where we rebrand a nonprofit for free. The goal of the juried program is to “level-up” the presence of a nonprofit to help them further their mission. The award is amplified by our generous partners and may include strategic brand platform, visual identity, website design & development, photography, video and more!  Help us spread the word, applications are accepted through March 17th, 2022.

Dominion Energy Launches Report Suite

November 18, 2021

This week Dominion Energy launched a reporting suite that positions them as a leader in digital first reports. The suite consists of an ESG site for the overall company, and then deep dive reports on Sustainability and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion that IOP created as well as a number of other useful reports, links and resources. This strategy supports unprecedented levels of transparency and brings accountability to the fore. We’re thrilled to continue our long-term partnership with Dominion Energy, supporting them as they build a culture of sustainability, DEI and accountability.

A banner year for IOP Clients in the LACP Vision Awards

September 7, 2021

Nine IOP client report projects were recognized in the League of American Communication Professionals Vision Awards. Projects included ESG Reports, Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports in print, interactive PDF and digital formats. We were thrilled to earn 7 spots in the Top 100 Global Reports. With entries from 20 countries across 4 continents, and a nearly 40% increase in participating organizations, this year’s competition was tough. We are proud our clients had such a strong showing including: Coca-Cola, Hilton, AGCO, Raytheon, Stanley Black & Decker, Dominion Energy, Carrier, Tradeweb and Ciena.

2020 Reports Launched

April 8, 2021

The year working from anywhere and managing the pandemic have been challenging but the IOP team rose to the occasion delivered outstanding creativity and strategic thinking for our clients. We had a banner crop of reports published, in print and online. And more are still to come! Check out the AGCO Annual & Sustainability Report, the Hilton ESG & Materiality Reports, the Coca-Cola Business & ESG Report, the Stanley Black & Decker ESG Report and Annual Report, the Carrier Annual Report, and the Tradeweb Annual Report just to name a few. See more here.

The Bronx Conservatory of Music Launches New Website and Identity

January 24, 2021

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Bronx Conservatory brand. The third and most recent Brand New Brand! recipient, The Bronx Conservatory of Music provides low cost high quality music lessons to Bronx children and adults in their own neighborhood.

The culmination of the collaboration between IOP, our Brand New Brand! partners, and The Bronx Conservatory of Music the new messaging, logo and palette capture the youthful energy of the conservatory and the opportunities for personal growth and self expression that it brings. This visual identity is brought to life in the website and across a full spread of communications tools, including Word and PowerPoint templates, business cards, and recital program templates.

The process took place throughout 2020, the need for supporting the arts and arts education has never been more urgent.

More Client Wins!

October 19, 2020

Three IOP-designed websites were honored in the 2020 Web Awards, including Best Diversified Business Website for the corporate site for Raytheon Technologies. In addition the Dominion Energy Sustainability Report site and the corporate site for Global Infrastructure Partners were also recognized. See all recognition here.

Celebrating 20 Years

September 30, 2020

What a 20 years it has been! The world has changed a lot, and we have too, but our focus has stayed the same—helping amazing people and organizations tell their story and discover their purpose. It hasn’t been a predictable ride, but it has never been boring.  Read more.

IOP Clients win big in the LACP Vision Awards

August 4, 2020

Seven IOP client projects were recognized for their annual and sustainability reports in the League of American Communication Professionals Vision Awards.We were thrilled to see Coca-Cola garner the #2 spot worldwide, and pleased with a strong showing for AGCO, Stanley Black & Decker, Dominion Energy, Tradeweb and the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health.

Tradeweb Launches First Annual Report

April 17, 2020

Following two decades of private ownership, Tradeweb became a publicly traded company in 2019 with one of the most successful IPOs of the year. Their first year as a public company was a success, and building on our partnership, IOP created the initial report suite, showcasing the IPO, leadership and their people in a digital hub and 10-K wrap.

See the report

AGCO’s Launches Inaugural Integrated Report

March 27, 2020

AGCO’s report showcases their culture of service and growing impact on agriculture through the lens of innovation. The IOP-written, designed and developed digital-first report is built around the theme “What does it take to feed a changing world?” This concept puts AGCO’s productive solutions front and center, while positioning AGCO as problem-solvers, taking on the biggest issues imaginable—problem-solving with customers, on behalf of farmers and ultimately for the world. In addition, for the first time, AGCO combined a Sustainability report into one unified digital-first report, supported by a 10-K wrap. With a visually appealing interactive web design, IOP brought AGCO’s strategic and sustainability platform to life.

See the microsite here