AGCO launches 2018 digital and print annual report

March 27, 2019

AGCO’s report showcases their culture of service and growing impact on agriculture through the lens of innovation. The IOP-written, designed and developed website and print report is built around AGCO customer testimonials, reinforced in the theme “My AGCO”. With a visually appealing interactive web design, IOP ensured greater understanding of AGCOs activities and innovations. 

See the website here.

UTC launches 2018 Digital and Print Annual Report

March 20, 2019

Creating value through customer focus and innovation helped UTC achieve a year of record sales and earnings. IOP visually shaped UTC’s narrative to investors and stakeholders in both the printed and robust, responsive online Annual Report. IOP designed, developed and produced both, creating materials to support the launch and promotion campaign.

See the website here

Stanley Black & Decker launches digital-led integrated reporting suite

March 11, 2019

Stanley Black & Decker launched the IOP-designed, written and developed 2018 Year In Review suite. We created a robust, site expressing the company’s purpose, innovation story,  and performance. The review includes a full GRI-based Sustainability Report. The suite of materials is anchored by the digital Year in Review, with an accompanying annual report and sustainability highlights.

See the website here.

IOP announces Brand New Brand! 2019, a pro bono juried nonprofit rebrand initiative

February 7, 2019

IOP is now accepting applications for its third Brand New Brand! pro bono initiative to rebrand a deserving nonprofit. “We’re excited for this, as always,” says Darren Namaye, a principal of Ideas On Purpose. “It’s a great way for us to give back, doing what we do best. We harness our agency’s collective creativity to help an organization tell their story in a cohesive, visually compelling way. By taking a nonprofit’s marketing and communications to the next level, we help them to further their mission.”

The Brand New Brand! 2019 initiative is free for the recipient and open to nonprofits within 150 miles of New York City that are at least three years old. Full details and the application form are available here; applications are open until March 15. 

Dominion Energy details clean energy efforts in latest Sustainability & CSR Report

January 7, 2019

CEO Tom Farrell says, “You asked for cleaner energy, and we are delivering.”  To help customers, employees, investors, communities and all stakeholders better understand the efforts underway, Dominion Energy issued its robust digital 2018 Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Report. The report, issued in accordance with core GRI standards, is a detailed look at Dominion’s progress across the 19 states in which it operates. Visit the site.

A new site to capture Tradeweb’s speed and intelligence

November 20, 2018

Tradeweb, a leading electronic trading venue, was moving faster than its website. The site had become dense and difficult to navigate, with the lack of clear visual hierarchy hurting visitors’ ability to find information and take action. IOP partnered with Tradeweb to tackle these challenges. The new site is easily navigable and clearly organized, as well as rich with video, infographics and images. It is the catalog of Tradeweb’s products and services, and a launchpad into Tradeweb thought leadership. Visit the site.

Avenda Health & EcoSpaces brands recognized

August 20, 2018

Two IOP clients were recognized in Graphis 7, a highly competitive, juried publication. Avenda Health, a medical device and personalized medicine company focused on the treatment of prostate cancer, was honored. Ideas On Purpose created the complete brand system, including naming, strategy, visual identity, website and applications. EcoSpaces Education was also honored. IOP created a full visual identity system including digital and print applications, environmental graphics and more. Each brand received an honorable mention.