Production Designer

Christine is our design-to-execution superhero. She often contributes to our large scale projects both in print and online, ensuring that design systems are implemented as intended, and projects are completed on time.

Born in Basel, Switzerland, and raised in Philadelphia, Christine has also lived and traveled widely. Now rooted in New York City, she relishes soaking up the creative juices that the city attracts and finds that the city lends itself to keeping artistic relationships alive. But, she also escapes to enjoy hiking, camping, and visiting the inspiring land formations and exposed geology of the American west.

Christine grew up in the world of visual art and design, design education and music. She followed her natural affinity for these things, obtaining a BFA from Philadelphia College of Art and an MFA from Brooklyn College (CUNY), as well as studying at the Tyler School of Art in Rome, Italy. She currently lives in Brooklyn and teaches in Philadelphia.

Chris feeling the power of the badlands in South Dakota.