Chief Trashcan Raider

A much requested, client-facing presence, Jack also views it as his job to remove all paper products from trash barrels and to dispatch “leftover” sandwiches and snacks from desktops. “Want a treat?” is his favorite expression, and he would really prefer that more people brought their socks into the office.

Slightly vain about his appearance, Jack loves his twice weekly brushing and his bi-monthly spa day shampoo and blowout. Originally from a big family (4 brothers and 5 sisters) in upstate New York, Jack now lives in a lovely Brooklyn neighborhood that is surrounded by dog-friendly parks.

A graduate of Calm Energy Dog Training and an accomplished fetcher, Jack “lives for the ball”—anyone’s ball. He especially loves the water and spends a lot of time in a friend’s pond near his upstate NY roots, as well as in Provincetown where he’s been known to brave the bay, even during the cold of the New Year’s holiday.

Jack's motto: "If it squeaks, it's mine."