Chief Bellyrub Needer

Stella takes her IOP duties very seriously and takes the lead on her walk to the office. She loves checking out what the staffers are doing and judges the quality of their work by the amount of snacks they provide her.

When her friend Jack is around, energetic Stella won’t give him a break and there is a lot of wrestling. When on her own, she likes to chill and thinks of herself as the office speed bump, laying in the most traffic prone walkways.

Street-smart and predominantly home-schooled, Stella is a good girl who will occasionally sit or fetch — though she likes to keep control of the ball. Originally from Tuscumbia, Alabama, Stella prefers the Northeast (especially in the cooler weather) and loves her East Village home.

In her spare time she enjoys catching a Frisbee, chasing small woodland creatures, chewing tennis balls into oblivion and spending time with friends in the neighborhood dog park.