Codrin Pavel

Lead Developer

With a unique combination of technical expertise and a strong focus on User Experience, SEO and accessibility, Codrin excels at implementing user-friendly, accessible web interfaces. And, not only can he bend CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript to his will, Codrin has a varied background, from leading teams to building his own digital product and selling it. 

Hooked on development after seeing an early project loved globally, he calls development a ‘professional hobby’. When not working, he can most likely be found working on a personal project. As one of a few crafts that are beautiful, creative, subtle and fun — all at once — Codrin definitely found his calling in development.

Originally from a small village in Romania, Codrin went to school for Economics and Hospitality, only to find his passion in development. A voracious reader of tech articles and lover of the ‘worst’ of Netflix, Codrin is always ready for what’s next. Including his wedding!

In his spare time, Codrin developed the digital typeface CSSans Pro, based on a design by his sister.