IOP Announces the 4th Cycle of Brand New Brand!

January 25, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that we are accepting applications for our pro bono initiative, Brand New Brand!, where we rebrand a nonprofit for free. The goal of the juried program is to “level-up” the presence of a nonprofit to help them further their mission. The award is amplified by our generous partners and may include strategic brand platform, visual identity, website design & development, photography, video and more!  Help us spread the word, applications are accepted through March 17th, 2022.

The Bronx Conservatory of Music Launches New Website and Identity

January 24, 2021

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Bronx Conservatory brand. The third and most recent Brand New Brand! recipient, The Bronx Conservatory of Music provides low cost high quality music lessons to Bronx children and adults in their own neighborhood.

The culmination of the collaboration between IOP, our Brand New Brand! partners, and The Bronx Conservatory of Music the new messaging, logo and palette capture the youthful energy of the conservatory and the opportunities for personal growth and self expression that it brings. This visual identity is brought to life in the website and across a full spread of communications tools, including Word and PowerPoint templates, business cards, and recital program templates.

The process took place throughout 2020, the need for supporting the arts and arts education has never been more urgent.

Brand New Brand! 2019 Recipient Announced

May 29, 2019

With the invaluable help of our independent judges throughout a tough selection process, we are delighted to announce that our Brand New Brand! 2019 recipient is The Bronx Conservatory of Music!

Bronx Conservatory of Music brings the gift of music to New York’s Bronx community by providing the highest quality instruction to children and adults at the lowest possible cost, in their own neighborhood. In doing so, this organization makes conservatory training accessible to all, helps develop audiences for fine music, and also contributes to the music culture in the borough.

Arts funding is always under threat, and in helping this small music school we are doing our part to support the arts ecosystem in New York, promoting cultural equity in the Bronx and helping to bring music — and all the benefits that a music education brings — to an underserved community.

You can follow our Brand New Brand! journey with this fantastic nonprofit organization here.

IOP announces Brand New Brand! 2019, a pro bono juried nonprofit rebrand initiative

February 7, 2019

IOP is now accepting applications for its third Brand New Brand! pro bono initiative to rebrand a deserving nonprofit. “We’re excited for this, as always,” says Darren Namaye, a principal of Ideas On Purpose. “It’s a great way for us to give back, doing what we do best. We harness our agency’s collective creativity to help an organization tell their story in a cohesive, visually compelling way. By taking a nonprofit’s marketing and communications to the next level, we help them to further their mission.”

The Brand New Brand! 2019 initiative is free for the recipient and open to nonprofits within 150 miles of New York City that are at least three years old. Full details and the application form are available here; applications are open until March 15. 

EcoSpaces Education takes Best of Show

December 15, 2016

The winners of the 16th Annual International iNOVA Awards Competition honoring excellence in corporate websites were announced today. IOP-designed EcoSpaces Education took the top honor—Best in Show. The judges praised the fresh, clean look. They really enjoyed the site’s design and great photography. “User friendly and fun!”

EcoSpaces Education

The site was part of our Brand New Brand initiative and was created with contributions from Igicom as well as photographer Peter Ross. Read about the EcoSpaces rebranding and the Brand New Brand process here.


Brand New Brand 2017: pro bono redesign initiative

November 17, 2016

We are excited to announce the next cycle of Brand New Brand, our pro bono redesign initiative. We’re looking for a small, established nonprofit — at least five years old — in need of rebranding to take the organization to the next level. The winning entry will receive a focused brand redesign that may include an identity, a website and other communications. All the work created by IOP and our partners is free of charge. Spread the word, applications are due March 1st, 2017.

Brand New Brand

Brand New Brand! 2016 recipient launches new identity and site

February 25, 2016

bnb_sidebarThe results of our first Brand New Brand pro bono initiative are out. The new EcoSpaces Education launched in February of 2016. The product of months of collaboration between IOP, our partners and EcoSpaces, the logo and tagline capture the mission and spirit of the organization. And, the new visual identity is applied across communications tools, from PowerPoint and Word templates, to postcards and tote bags to their new robust website.  See the case study.

Look for the next round to begin in early 2017!